Sunday, 3 December 2017

Treatment For Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a state where a person is afrad or nervous about meeting new people or performing in front of the crowd. It specially occurs when a person is afraid to be judged. It basically happens when a person is teased or critised in the past due to any reason. The tension tends to build up in the brain as a kid and then tends to evolve with time. 
The negative effect on brain makes the person go nervous when it comes to meeting new people or attending a social gathering. Some people even find it tough to give presentations and speech when asked to. Some of the symptooms of social anxiety includes fumbling, sweating, trembling, blushing, stammer etc.

In case one is seeking for social anxiety help then one can consult a doctor or a counselor and start meditation. The best way to over- come fear is to face it for once and all and same should be done with social anxiety. One must try to socialize with like minded people and people who will never judge. Family members and close friends can provide the best social anxiety help and help one in building up the confidence that is needed to express and socialize without fear. 

Hence, one should try to meditate in order to get a good control over breathe and also see a doctor for some medicine that would help in controlling anxiety. Omega 3 rich diet is also helpful in conquering the fear of socializing with people and handling the response and judgments. 

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